How do you tell when a hot water heater is going bad?

The hot water heater is something that most home owners don’t think about, until they have to. Waking up to a nice warm shower is the way most people start their day, but what if the water is ice cold. We get service calls every day from people who are less than thrilled with having to take a cold shower.

When water heater repair is needed, call the professionals at All Star Water Heaters. If your water heater is acting up, it could just be a simple fix, like a thermostat that needs repaired. However; if your tank is a few years old, it may be time to replace the entire tank. Replacing a tank is not always a bad thing, as new tanks are energy efficient and can save money. So how does a person know that their hot water heater is on the fritz, here are a few signs?

• No Hot Water
• Not Enough Hot Water
• Tank is Leaking
• Tank Is Making Noises
• Pressure Relief Value is Leaking
• Cannot Get The Pilot Light To Stay Light
• Water is Lukewarm in Temperature

The best time to call us is immediately after an owner notices any of these signs. A hot water with an issue can become a real problem. The pressure inside the tank can build and this causes leaks. A water tank can empty all over the floor. Because this can happen over a period of time, a homeowner can be oblivious to the leak and this can cause mold and other issues to form. Always check the water tank periodically, and just because it’s out of site doesn’t mean it should be out of mind.

Call All Star Water Heaters for all your water heater repair needs. We can service any make and model you have. We can let you know if it is time for a new one or you just have a simple repair.

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